The European Center for Business, Education and Science (ECBES) is an independent scientific and consulting organization established in 2011 at the initiative of scientists from Europe and the USA in an effort to promote international cooperation reflecting an increasingly globalized world.

The main activities of the Center are scientific education and research. ECBES sponsored research will focus on salient social contexts and human personality factors as related to business and development of the human potential. Consequently the work of the Center as it evolves will be divided into two organizational forms, the Institute of Organizational Development and Consulting, and the Institute of Strategic Management and Modern Education.

The two institutes will plan programs for education and will also provide professional credentials for business employees, carry out relevant diagnostic and research activities, and provide consulting services to interested parties.

The scientific and research activity of scientists associated with the two institutes will be published and evaluated in two international peer reviewed journals. Utilizing the scientific potential of its resources and experienced member associates, the Center in cooperation with other academic institutions, will participate in the organization and implementation of master and doctoral degree programs.

The European Center for Business, Education and Science has access to more than a hundred thousand electronic and paper books in the fields of psychology, philosophy, history, economics, sociology, culture studies, political science, business, theology and other fields of study.