The Institute of Organizational Development and Consulting support and sponsors research on the human aspects of organizations. Its scientific work profile includes relevant research, analysis of statistical data, diagnostics, development and management of organizations and behavioral issues of their workforce.

The research and consulting activities of the Institute are oriented in four major directions as follows:

  • Organizational culture, organizational consulting, business mediation, conflict resolution and change management;
  • Marketing and advertising, consumer behavior, public relations and career development;
  • Human resource management, employee selection and development, teambuilding, entrepreneurship and innovations, strategic management;
  • Organizational behavior, stress, leadership, coaching, organizational effectiveness.

Consulting services is offered by qualified specialists in the respective fields outlined above.

The scientific and research work of the scientists associated with the Institute is carried out through its International Laboratory for Behavioral Economics and Organizational Development.

The Institute of Organizational Development and Consulting, jointly with the European Center for Business, Education and Science, publishes an international scientific journal (Management, Consulting and Organizational Development). The journal accepts articles published in Bulgarian and English.